Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winning Flowers

The winning bouquet is number 9! YAY!!! *applause all around*
But you know what? If you remember...my winning wedding gown is PURPLE!!! I'm not sure if this lovely bouquet is the best choice.
Instead I looked at the 2nd place bouquet. There was a TIE among three of the bouquets: 4, 5, and 10.
I'm going with 4 for my wedding bouquet.
Maybe my bridesmaids can carry the winning bouquet. :D
What do you say girls?

                                                       MY WEDDING BOUQUET



    wait......am i one of them.......?


  2. A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet...what am I saying??? EEK! Pretty flowers...I declare that those are beautiful flowers! And I want to eat them.

  3. awww! So pretty! *smells flowers* mmmm...flowerish......

    I can't wait for the wedding! As one of the maids of honnor i shall be there most deffinatly on time!

    And since t'is a wedding...i shall wear a dress :D

    not pink though ;)
    but still, a dress all the same :D

    Sherlock: Can I wear a dress?
    Skylara: *shocked expression*
    Sherlock: *chuckles* I'm kidding!
    Skylara: Phew!

    *skylara turns around and sherlock looks around to cheak the coast is clear*

    Sherlock: Psst! John! Have you finished hemming the dress?
    John: *sighs* Yes Sherlock....who's it for anyway?
    Sherlock: Erm...Erm...Erm....*looks shifty* Skylara...yes...Skylara..not me or anything! *laughs akwardly*
    John:*rolls eyes and continues hemming*

    I can't wait kallista! i just love weddings!